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There’s no going back. You feel it. And then you try to remember at what point it all began. And you discover it started before you thought. Long before. And it’s at that moment you realize things only happen once. And no matter how hard you try you’ll never feel the same again. You’ll never again feel you’re three meters above the sky.
☯16-Costa Rica -Nicole☯
Instagram: @nicomalick

natepake: Fuck your blog is quality, can you check out mine?

Thankyouu, and yes yours is amazing

"Am I allowed to smoke onstage? I can’t think if I can’t smoke."
- Lana Del Rey - Coachella (via lananews)

(via allblackerrthingus)

evasionary: your blog is acts oily my favorite ever omg ily

Thanks my queen

pul-chritudinus: Your blog is so rad :)

Thanks mademoiselle